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Permanent Housing Subsidy Programs

The District of Columbia permanent housing subsidy programs are designed to assist families and individuals experiencing homelessness afford dignified and safe housing in the private market by offering rental assistance and supportive services without a time limitation.


Find out more about permanent housing programs offered in the District: 


Participants in these program generally select their own housing—which can include single-family homes, townhouses, or apartments—so long as that housing meet the District's fair market rent standards and passes a District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA) provided Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection as determined by a licensed HQS inspector.  


Eligible families and individuals participating in the HUD-VA Supportive Housing for Veterans and the  Permanent Supportive Housing programs receive supportive services in addition to the subsidy in order to successfully support their transition to greater housing stability. Targeted Affordable Housing program participants receive light-touch services according to their specific needs in addition to the subsidy. Subsidies for these programs are administered by DCHA.


Partnering with New Lease on Life provides benefits to you as a housing provider.

The unit you provide to us will be filled quickly, decreasing the length of time the unit remains vacant and therefore decreasing your overhead costs.

You will have a dedicated point of contact to assist with any questions or concerns that may arise once a household is placed into a unit.

We will ensure that the terms of the programs and that the responsibilities of each partner.

For some programs like the District's Rapid Rehousing Programs, 100 percent of the rent is guaranteed for housing provider enrolled in the District’s Rental Partnership Initiative.

What housing providers need to know:

Housing Provider Obligation

The role of the housing provider in any of the District’s permanent housing programs is to provide a safe and dignified housing in the private market. Housing must meet the fair market rent standards as determined by DCHA and pass a DCHA provided Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection by a licensed HQS inspector. 


Receiving payments

Subsidies are paid to the landlord directly by DCHA or a community-based non-profit organization on behalf of the participating individual or family. The family or individual pays the difference between the actual rent and the amount subsidized by the program directly to the landlord.


Tenants generally pay 30% of their total household income towards rent. In those cases where the client does not have a household income, the subsidy pays 100 percent of the rent.


Supportive services

Supportive services, including case management, are designed to support program participants in their transition to housing stability. These services work with households to identify barriers to housing stability, identify each households’ needs and strengths, develop goals, and connect households to other resources they may need in the community such as child care or job training.

Inspection and Leasing Process

For more specific program information, please contact us at For a complete list of agencies and service providers, please visit Resources.

Unit Identification

Potential tenant seeks and selects a unit with assistance from program provider. Unit must be in line with DC fair market rent standards.

Housing Provider
 Leasing Packet

Housing providers must complete and submit a leasing packet so that an inspection can be scheduled.

Unit Inspection

DCHA inspectors schedule and coordinate a unit inspection.

Lease Up

Once a unit has passed inspection, the lease up is scheduled.

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