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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whom do I contact with general program questions?
    Please email with general program questions.
  • Whom do I contact with questions about the Permanent Supportive Housing Program?
    For more information, email Joy Hogue at or LaCresha Morris at
  • Where can I learn more about the District's Landlord Partnership Fund?
    Landlords with tenants participating in FRSP (RRH-F), RRH-I, PSH or TAH are eligible to apply for the Landlord Partnership Fund (LPF). For more information about the Fund, click here.
  • What is the DC Rental Partnership Initiative (RPI)?
    RPI is a partnership between DHS, DCHA and our FRSP housing partners. With this initiative, clients pay their rental portion to DCHA, and DCHA will make a full rental payment to housing partner on the 1st of each month. This ensures that the landlord receives a single payment with the full rent each month, rather than the previous breakdown of receiving a subsidy portion from DCHA and the remainder from the tenant.
  • Whom do I contact with questions, concerns about the Family Re-Housing Stabilization Program (FRSP, also known as Rapid Re-Housing for Families)?"
    If you have questions or concerns about case manager assignments or payment matters, please email
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